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Wendell Ko the world record holder for a Blue Marlin at 229.5 kilos (509 lbs) made these guns for family and friends.

Today it's available for everyone!

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Modular 5 options 1 gun

95cm €755 / $854*
110CM €765 / $864*
120CM €775 / $876*
130CM €785 / $887*

* USD is approximation.
For Professionals, by Professionals

95cm €755 / $854*
110CM €765 / $864*
120CM €775 / $876*
130CM €785 / $887*

*USD is an approximation
Safest Speargun

We are the first in the industry!

1. Open trigger for easy safety check before loading power bands.

2. Safety switch has strong visual cue "Fire & Safe"

3. Robust trigger system. Tested above 5000 cycles.

4. When necessary trigger parts can be changed or updated for less than €30 Euros.

Accuracy & Aiming

Accuracy is everything!

1. Aiming sights built-in.

2. Deep track barrel spear guidance.

3. One gun switchable to 95, 110, 120, & 130cm.

4. Accuracy and power go hand in hand. You can adjust barrel or nose type.

Roller Nose

1. Standard 3 hole nose on all guns (bungie hole and reel line guide built in.

2. Optional - Roller nose with single powerband at 350% (+) stretch.

"Roller nose only available to current KOS customers"


All you need is one gun! Most spear divers bought a reef and bluewater gun but one ended up in the closet never being used often enough. This is our game changer! Saves money and world resources (SDG goals).

Change your barrel instead of buying an entire gun! This means, you can purchase one gun and adapt the barrel.

You already have 90% of the parts! The more options you buy the cheaper the gun gets.

95, 110, 120, 130cm or Roller nose.

"Barrels only available for current KOS customers"

new concepts

1. Patented design concept. Means we have made you a safer speargun.

2. Extremely modular!

3. Five options on 1 gun.

4. Artistic design in and out of the water.

5. Business people and collectors have been hanging it on their in office walls, boats, and trophy rooms.

Justin KO

"Ko Spearguns Innovator"

Justin is a business owner in the flooring and tile industry. When he has time he goes out fishing or diving with his kids while passing on the family secrets. Justin has been a long time innovator of the Ko spearguns series and has kept it alive for many years.

Bocho Kaneao

"Most improved KO diver 2021"

One of the best under 18 year old diver around with a 95cm and 110cm Ko Warrior Series. He continues to shock us with his diving and hunting ability on land or sea. Check him out on Insta.

"It's my favorite go to gun!"


Captain Kale Afong

"Da baga mean! / it is awesome!"

Known as "Hawaii's Only" Chef, Caterer, and business owner, Captain Kale has been diving around the islands with the 95cm and preparing his meals after those dive events! He loves the way the trigger looks and calls it a piece of art in the ocean.


Marc GersABA

"Sensei Gersaba"

Business owner Marc Gersaba has a commercial and home painting business. He received his first 95cm gun from his brother as a gift (check out our video) and today he owns a 120cm Bluewater series as he only needed to change the tube. He enjoys the challenge of the difficult "Mu" hunting while using a KO 95cm and is head hunting for a new personal best in bluewater with the KO 120cm.

Instagram .808

Ending 2021 at its best with some dinner for Christmas and new hopes for the coming year! We wish you all the best and mahalos for supporting our team. Especially during this season of the "Great COVID Pause." Nothing is more important than family!

Happy New Years!
Happy New Years 2022!
It's time to dive! We are already in 2022 and it is awesome! Great food, great time with the family, and friends.

We are wishing you all a successful 2022 and remember to pick up your spearguns and dive safe! I personally look forward to teaching more free dive safety classes and listening to all your dive stories. Go experience life to the fullest in 2022!

If you need funding or help with your business operations or business start-up we are a business consulting group ready to help you.

We also want to thank our "loyal customers" as only with your support can we continue to make our products and services available.

Hau’oli makahiki hou! / Happy New Years!

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