KO 110cm – The Predator


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The predator gives longer range for an ultimate blue water diving experience. The AirWings support and evenly balance this speargun. Extra weight can be added as necessary to adjust to specific diving regions. 
With the KO 95cm Conversion Kit you can change this product to a 95 cm speargun.

Reel not included.

Out of stock



  • Comes standard with Hawaiian setup: 7mm shaft, 1 wrap of line, and 2 power bands 9/16″(14mm)
Rigged with 300lb nylon monofilament shooting line for faster shooting and abrasion resistance.
  • 5″ Bungie Shock Chord with 500lb Pigtail Swivel (400lb Snap Swivel optional).
  • Wooden handcrafted handle in European Larch or Walnut with high gloss finish
  • Stainless steel 2-piece trigger mechanism assembly
  • Accepts European diameter spears: 7mm or 7.5mm thick. (Tail must be the European standard)
  • Safety switch in the trigger housing
  • AutoLine Release
Accepts all suitable KO Spearguns accessories & parts
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