KO, everyone knows means “Knock Out”! For us KO is a tribute to Wendell KO. We would like to thank him for working together with us on this project. As most of you know Wendell has the “World Record” for largest Blue Marlin ever speared at 506 lbs. or 229 kilos. Parts of this gun have been modeled after his “mid-handle Ulua gun 100cm”. We are great fans as this speargun was agile and had a very smooth shot. Because it is purely handcrafted, very little pieces exist and some got lost over the years.
We decided to revive that legend and provide the best speargun to the world. Our technical aerospace background and our speardiving passion has come together in this project.

In KO Spearguns, aerospace innovation meets artistic style. An innovative interchangeable barrel system and many other features make this remarkably agile hybrid speargun. The use of aircraft grade aluminum makes KO Spearguns inherently saltwater resistant. The “Tattoo Trigger Design” features are baked through a special process making them impervious to rust and fading. Ours is the first to feature an adjustable handle giving a flexible choice between mid-handle or rear-handle. Research indicates that fish are attracted to specific color schemes and designs, KO has carefully chosen such designs to make the most of user experience. Muzzle placement is a precise science as well, so ours have been calibrated down to the millimeter! Our handles can serve both right and left-handed users at a perfect angle to maximize accuracy.

These are just a few of the special features and considerations you will find in KO Spearguns:

  • Current conversion choices to 95 cm and 110 cm, with 125, 135, and 145 in development
  • Various skin choices include Mahi Skins, Octopus Skins, Sakura Flower, Barracuda, and Moana Kale
  • A magnetic nose to hold spear in place
  • Bungee holder is “U” shaped accommodating use of a reel system at less than 305 grams
  • Airwings sporting a high gloss surface treatment add stability and mass for a perfect balance
  • Comfort handles with moveable concept from mid to rear, manufactured with a high gloss wood surface finish
  • Trigger housing specially designed by a Hawaiian tattoo artist featuring the pacific islander dolphin and turtle
  • Interchangeable barrel tube featuring a ”Deep track, drop in barrel” which retains the spear completely within the barrel tube
  • The Mahi and Barracuda skins were specially designed by professional underwater photographer “Tony Ludovico.”