Safety Tip: Tinted Dive Masks are they safe?

Thank you Galvez family for the boat and organization.

Lessons from the class in Hawaii Kai.
Are tinted lenses safe for freediving and spearfishing? Our opinion is, "no, it hinders a visual check to the eyes". When diving with your buddy and getting the "OK" sign after a long deep dive, the eyes are the clear indicator of his condition and blackout can also occur after surfacing.

Steps to recover a buddy:
1. Meet diver before the surface dependent on dept and time planned.
2. Check eyes and ask for the OK sign.
3. Return to the surface with the diver, check eyes and confirm the diver is okay. 3A. The diver will do the breathing routine.
4. Wait for a minimum of 20 seconds at the surface before assuming the diver is recovered.

Visit us on our next free course and learn to dive safer and understand what an overlock safety trigger can do and why it is safer than traditional triggers.

All information is provided as entertainment only. Dive safe this weekend.